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Can you match my existing door measurements?

Yes we can. Measure from the top of the door to the center of the door handle, and from the top of the door to the top of each hinge.  We will need to know if the door is a left hand or a right hand, and if it is an in-swing or out-swing door.  Call 919-855-9220 for assistance. 

Mortise, Bore & Bevel to your measurements - $35 for Pine and Primed MDF - $45 for special order hardwoods.


Cleaning Glass

You can use Windex or any other mild glass cleaner for light cleaning. Oily smudges like finger prints can be cleaned with lens cleaner or Dawn dish soap and warm water. Use a clean lint free cloth for best results.

Finishing Your New Door

Lay the door flat for best performance. Sand the entire door lightly, using #180 grit sandpaper. Always sand in the direction of the grain. Thoroughly remove all dust prior to applying finish, a tack cloth is recommended. Be sure to follow tack cloth manufactures instructions.

Protect the glass with plastic and blue painters tape. If your door already has plastic on the glass, check for holes or tears and use tape to cover them up.

DO NOT USE compressed air to blow the dust off the door, as moisture in air will cause water spotting.

Be sure to seal and finish your new door as soon as possible to help prevent warping and cracking.

Painting: Select a high-quality oil-based primer (DO NOT USE WATER BASED SEALER OR PRIMER COAT). Cover all surfaces evenly! Be sure to seal the Top & Bottom of the door, as well as the sides. Apply a minimum of 2 top coats.

Do Not use black or dark colored top coats on doors that ill be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time throughout the daylight hours.

Staining: Use a pre-stain or conditioner prior to staining. Apply semitransparent stain or clear undercoat as recommended for interior application. Apply three coats of clear top coat varnish or polyurethane and light sand between coats.

Failure to properly seal your door will void the warranty from warping and cracking.

Can you make custom doors?

Yes we can. Complete a short online custom order request form, or call 919-855-9220.
We can produce divided multi-lites, or etch your custom design onto the glass and fit it into any one of our wood door frames.



What is the difference between the various jamb kits?

The double rabbeted jambs are our standard jambs.  The door stop, and jamb are machined into 1 piece of wood.  We offer stain grade or Primed finger jointed pine.

Flat jambs come with a loose stop that the installer will attach at the time of installation of the door unit.  We offer 2 types - primed finger jointed pine and our premium jambs that are made from solid wood.  All of our hardwood and pimed poplar jambs are premium flat jambs. 

Split jambs are a double rabbeted jamb that has a male and female part.  These are used when the walls are uneven.


Premium jambs can be ordered in any width from 3" to 12"+.

Double rabbeted jambs come in 4 9/16" (which is for 2 x 4 walls and 1/2" drywall both sides) and 6 7/8" (which is for 2 x 6 walls with 1/2" drywall both sides).

Ball Catches and door prep?

No problem.  We can prep and install install Satin nickel or Oil Rubbed Bronze finished strike plates and ball catches. $35 for Pine and Primed MDF - $45 for special order hardwoods.  Call 919-855-9220 for assistance. 

Can your doors be used with sliding barn door hardware?

No problem.  Our decorative glass doors look stunning hung from sliding door hardware. 
We sell several styles of sliding door hardware including modern, rustic, and horseshoe.

 Modern Stainless Steel

Rustic Barn Door

Horseshoe Barn Door


Can your doors be used as pocket doors?

Pocket doors are made using standard size interior doors, which our doors are, and a pocket door frame kit. Our doors work great as pocket doors.

First, decide which of our doors you would like to purchase to use as your pocket door. We offer doors that are completely transparent and others that vary in opacity, any of which work beautifully as pocket doors. Next, purchase a pocket door frame kit. You can purchase pocket door frame kits here.

Can all of your doors be used as pantry doors?

Yes they can. Our doors are wonderful for adding a special touch to a pantry area. We recommend using our specialty pantry door or one of our more opaque doors. The most important factor in choosing pantry doors is proximity of the pantry contents to the door. The closer objects are to any glass door the more visible they will be, depending on the transparency of the glass. Call 919-855-9220 or email us and we can help you decide which of our door styles is right for your pantry.

Where can your doors be used?

You can use our glass interior doors in any area of your home. Our clientele order our doors for offices, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more. They use our doors as single doors, double doors, French doors, sliding glass pocket doors, sliding doors, and as pivoting doors.

First you must decide the kind of application in which your door will be used. Then determine the level of transparency or opacity that meets your needs, and choose the appropriate style door. We sell doors that are completely transparent and others with varying levels of opacity.

We offer jamb kits for both single and double door applications. Should you choose to include one (or more) in your order, they are shipped unassembled along with the door(s). They can be ordered with a variety of hinge finishes including bright brass, brushed chrome, bronze or satin nickel. If you have an existing door application, you can order the doors without a jamb kit and simply install them in the existing door opening. Click here to view our jamb kit pricing and details.


Are your doors solid?

All of our doors are produced with engineered stiles and rails. Engineered stiles and rails are produced using an engineered core with a veneer applied. The benefits to this type of door construction are greater dimensional stability, better veneer quality, more environmentally sensible as they make better use of the raw materials involved.  Made in USA

How obscure (opaque) are your doors?

No glass door is completely opaque. All glass doors will allow at least an image or outline to be seen through them. Opacity is difficult to accurately measure but the following estimates may be helpful in making your selection.

Level 5 most opaque (least transparent), Level 1 least opaque (most transparent):
Milano - Level 5
Satin - Level 5
Alsace - Level 5
Chardonnay - Level 4
Everglade - Level 4
Niagara - Level 4
Verona - Level 4
Bamboo - Level 4
Autumn -Level 4
Morisco - Level 4
Glue Chip - Level 4
Flemish - Level 2
Reeded - Level 1
Provence - Semi-Obscure
Normandy – Level 4
Cotswold – level 4
Chinchilla – level 4
Obscure – level 4
Aquatex – Level 3
Water Glass – Level 2
Antique Resin – Level 2
Taffeta - Level 2
Industrex – Level 4
Belmont – Level 4
Seedy Baroque – Level 1
Grey – Level 1
Grey 31 – Level 2
Super Grey – Level 3
Bronze Tint – Level 1
Green Tint – Level 1
Blue Tint – Level 1

Glass obscurity

Click to enlarge


Inswing or Outswing?

Decorative glass has a texture, v-groove, etching, wording, etc. applied to one side of the glass and the other side is smooth. If you want the texture, v-groove, wording, etc, facing you as you pull the door open then it is an outswing door. If you want the texture, v-groove, wording, etc, facing you as you push the door open then it is an inswing door.

What Is Textured Glass?

Textured glass is made by embossing a pattern onto molten glass to give the desired design or texture. The pattern is applied to one side of the glass, but the design can be clearly seen from both sides. Several of our special order door designs are made using textured glass. 

Click to enlarge

What Is Ceramic Frit?

Digital, Ceramic Frit Glass Decoration is a patented process that offers a permanent way to place graphic designs on decorative glass without sandblasting or silk screening.  The process uses the ceramic frits and colorants that bond to the glass, so the images are permanent, fingerprint resistant and easy to clean.
Most of the designs on the top two rows of our interior glass door gallery of designs use digital ceramic-frit technology.


unfinished pine door framesWhat does an
unfinished pine
door frame look like?








How satisfied have customers been with Ambiance doors?            

"Thank you very much for your amazing customer service. The new door came quickly, it's gorgeous and my contractor will appreciate the other door as a gift. The door stained up beautifully and we'll be installing it on Monday. I am remodeling my entire house...every room at the same time...and I cannot believe the multitude of problems I've had with many vendors sending defective materials or the wrong part completely and then not being willing to do anything about it. I was so incredibly grateful that you went out of your way to remedy what I know was a uncommon and simple mistake so quickly and with such kindness and professionalism. I'm grateful there are companies like you to do business with and will surely recommend you to all my friends! Thanks again!" J. Marie    

"Just an e-mail to let you know how happy my husband and I with the glass and maple door. It is truly beautiful. Thank you for the great workmanship." M. Garcia

First and foremost, a giant Thank-You for everything you did to make this project possible, your confidence in my Carpenter, Justin. He tackled this in no time, and it turned out "gorgeous!" It is the proverbial "Frosting on the Cake." I absolutely love it, as does my daughter and family! If you would like, please post this review on your web site, and or photos Also forward my deepest regards to the CEO of the company, for the timely delivery and amazing quality of this item, it was worth every penny! Again - Thank-you and God Bless!  PJ DeZur

"I’m thrilled with everything about my new pantry door. Andy was a pleasure to work with. Received the special order door in 6 weeks. Fit was perfect. Stained in a mix of special walnut and weathered oak. Sweet upgrade to my kitchen.
Thank you so much." Penny Boughton

"The door arrived here in Mass. on Wednesday, after being ordered, that is superb service. The quality of the door and glass exceeded my expectations...We like it so much I've just ordered another one for the other door in that room! Thank you so much."  R. LaPierre

Not only did you do a great job packaging everything, I was pleased with the quality of not only the doors but also the hardware you included! I don't always get projects that require the items I ordered from you but when I do you can count on me ordering from you again. Thanks! 
J. Opalka   Custom Woodwork and Refinishing, LLC

"These doors are incredible. I am a fussy California contractor and I debated with myself many hours before ordering 4 doors and have them delivered clear across the country from complete strangers. My hunch paid off. The quality is incredible and the price is really really right. Delivery was great. The guy who delivered them put them right into my garage and inspected them to make sure there was no damage. This is a top-flight door company. California door suppliers better wake up before this Ambiance company from North Carolina take away all their business. Top quality, top service and very good prices. This is an unsolicited thank you from the heart. The guy who took the order, I think a guy named Scott had a great personality that sealed the deal too."  F. Nelson

"I just wanted to say "thank you" for the amazing customer service and beautiful pantry door. I am constantly getting compliments on how gorgeous it is and now everyone wants one! It makes such an impact in the kitchen.  The gentleman I spoke with on the phone answered all my questions and was
very helpful, shipping was fast and the product is very high quality." T Antheaume, Design Consultant

"I want to personally thank you, they are beautiful. Delivery was very smooth, the driver courteous, and most of all treated my doors with TLC. I was skeptical, since I have not order big items from the internet, In speaking with you, all my fears were put aside. Thank you, the best is they are made in the USA, cannot get any better.  Thank You."  R. Pisano

"Thanks for all your help -- the door arrived safely and it is beautiful!" P. Corn

"Wanted to drop you a “job well done” note. Received the ordered doors and painted them.  Remember those were very odd sizes. You cut them to fit perfectly.  I’m mean perfectly! We purchased new brushed nickel hinges’ and installed them. With our warped floors and everything else that was not square. All three doors fit as though they are custom made. Good job and a job well done!  Kindest Regards"  H. Harris

"I recently ordered and received 7 glass doors from  your company, and wanted to take a moment to tell you what a good experience it was. The order was delivered on time and the doors in perfect condition.  They are excellent quality and installed, they are beautiful!  They formed a new pocket door for my master bedroom and closet doors inside.  The whole space looks more sophisticated, warmer and richer.  Thank you very much for your terrific service and quality products.  Best regards."  T. Walker

"We received the doors today....oh!! do they look issues from being shipped...we are very happy with the look and the fit of the doors....the glass and obscurity of the doors is perfect.... Great doing business with you and your company.....Thanks!"  T & E Thompson

"Just wanted to say thank you again for the doors and the rush service. They were installed yesterday and they are beautiful."  T & T Costello

"Regarding the doors I recently purchased from Ambiance, I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with them. You were very helpful on the phone making sure I ordered exactly what I needed, and they fit perfectly and look wonderful! Also, the driver for R&L Carriers was extremely professional and helpful also. All in all, it was a very satisfying experience and I wouldn't hesitate to call you again or recommend you to others. You have a great day, and thanks so much again! Cheers,"  M. Good


"I love your high quality product (shown left) I purchased 6 x pine ready for stain . Love your product highly recommend."
J. Savas

"I wanted to let you know that my new doors arrived safe and sound. The gentleman from RL was on time, very nice and efficient. I have unpacked the doors and they are beautiful. I can't wait to get them hung up this weekend. Thanks again for another great experience with Ambiance."  T. Walker

"I purchased two "Normandy" interior pantry doors from your company several months ago and am very pleased with their appearance in my kitchen."  A. Loudon

"The doors arrived and I am so pleased.  One is never really certain when ordering "sight unseen" on the internet but your doors are beautiful and perfect for our home."  B. Fletcher


Modern interior pantry door stained dark brown to match kitchen cabinets.

"Thought you might want to see your [Alsace] door and how it fit in.  Doesn't get any better 
than this (shown left)."   The Gorjans 

"I recently purchased a door and I am very pleased with not only the product but also the delivery. The driver was courteous and very helpful and everything turned out perfect. Thank you"  H Boissiere

"We recently made a purchase of four "green" doors from you.  We are writing to compliment you and the rest of the staff on the professional and friendly service you offered us.  Again when we called the other day about a larger door, you were most helpful.  During the past year and a half while our home has been under construction, we have dealt with many different companies.  I wish I could say that they offered as good of service as you did, but that was not the case.  Your company certainly stands out as the best."  Christa & Steve

"Love my 18" doors. I wanted to show you and tell you how much the 18"inch doors have made
my dressing room so much more functional. Simple clean and made the room bigger."  E. Bracken

Open                                                                                                                                              Closed

"Please accept this letter as an expression my gratitude for the excellent service you gave us on the beautiful doors you supplied us. I always say one can tell more about a person’s character with how they deal with their mistakes. The quick service you gave us on our job allowed us to stay on schedule. Your attention to detail also caught issues we would not have noticed until much later causing a more costly repair.
Our experience with you makes you one of the best suppliers we have ever dealt with. We will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a quality door from a quality company. Thanks again,"   B. Polanco

"I am thrilled with my [Capri style shown above] doors! I completed my kitchen remodel and they look amazing. I was able to match a stain with my antique butcher block. I forgot to take a before picture. It’s remarkable how the grain of the rustic maple jumps out with a little stain! Thank you for all your assistance." D. Leahy

"I am writing to thank you for your assistance and expertise in supplying the glass doors for my new home.  I have never built a house from the ground up, but thanks to Hurricane Katrina, I am currently involved in a situation that is anything but pleasant!  It seems to take forever for supplies AND craftsmen to get around to wherever I am on their lists, but eventually I have faith that the end result will be worth all of this!  You, however, were a breath of fresh air, and I truly appreciate your prompt assistance with selection, advice on different applications and helpfulness in the process.  The doors arrived in perfect condition, as promised, and also as beautiful as you said!  I also want to thank you for the gorgeous hinges you supplied and shipped with the Bolivian hardwood doors.  We are just to the paint stage now, but everyone who has seen the doors just loves them, and I look forward to many years enjoying them!  Thanks again,"   B. Zehnider

"Just a quick note to tell you what a pleasure it has been dealing with your company.  Our pantry door arrived quickly and with no complications.  The door is very good quality and just exactly what I expected.  The carpenter who installed the door on our new walk in pantry was also complimentary on the ease of installation and good attention to detail.  Thank you again for making this a pleasurable experience as well as a very fun and lovely addition to our home.  I have already recommended your company to others, and will continue doing so.   Pleasure doing business with you. " K. Marietti

"Thanks again for the beautiful doors you made for our Church (shown below)."

"Thank you all so much for your speedy service and delivery.
My new door is absolutely beautiful. I had a party last night and everyone was asking where to get one."
S. Sisson

"I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased I am with my Ambiance door. It looks truly lovely in my bathroom. The craftsmanship and style compliment my decor. I will recommend your company to all of my friends." 
E. Toman


"Thank you so much for making the website ordering so easy. I was skeptical at first to order glass edged doors online, but decided to take the chance. I called and the customer service person was very helpful and knowledgeable. The doors were what I was looking for and the price was better than anything locally.  I ordered the doors on a Monday and they arrived on Friday! Fast shipping to boot! I was putting on an addition to my house and needed two pocket doors. I ordered the Versailles and they arrived and were very well packed and in good condition. I also liked that the glass had plastic on both sides so I could paint the doors without having to tape them off. A big step saver for me! I did have one of the guys working on the addition stay with me to check the doors before accepting them off the truck. He was very impressed with the way they were packed and arrived. His boss said they never had any customer use the internet for doors, but that he was going to contact you and see about using you for their business as well.  The doors look fantastic and create such an Ambiance to our Sunroom! Great name for a great product!! 
H. Rastetter

"The door arrived here in Mass. on Wednesday, after being ordered, that is superb service. The quality of the door and glass exceeded my expectations...We like it so much I've just ordered another one for the other door in that room! Thank you so much." 
R. LaPierre

Custom Doors & Sidelites with Linen glass
Custom Doors & Sidelites with Linen glass

2nd door arrived today, again, incredible service between you and the trucking company. All opened up and lookin' good.   R. LaPierre

"My doors arrived within one week. The delivery driver was so courteous and offered to help unpack and move the doors to the garage. The doors are absolutely gorgeous!!! They were packed so well. Thank you. I am going to really enjoy them in my newly renovated bathroom!"
G. Ross

"The doors arrived safely packaged and just a few days after they were ordered. The communication covering the process of making the doors was timely and appreciated. These doors are beautiful and will be a focal point of the master bath closet system. Thank you."
D. Hampton




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