Our jamb kit comes with side jambs and head jamb precut and mortised for your door(s).

Pine jambs are standard 4-9/16" wide.
Primed Poplar jambs are 4-5/8" wide.
Please call
866-855-9220 for other stock jamb withs:
4-7/8", 5-1/4" 6-9/16", 6-7/8".  We can customize any width needed for your situation.

The kit also includes hinges in a variety of finishes. The jamb kit is shipped unassembled. Casing (trim) is not included. Other hardware items such as doors knobs, ball catches, etc. are not included. This kit is for swinging door applications only.

Jamb kit for single door applications:
Be sure to indicate right hand door (RH) or left hand door (LH). See diagram below to determine the hand that you need.

Jamb kit for double door applications:
Double doors are not bored for door knobs. If you require a double door unit that can be locked please call.

Jamb Types: 

Standard jambs are double rabbeted jambs.  The door stop, and jamb are machined into 1 piece of wood.  We offer stain grade or Primed finger jointed pine. 


Flat jambs come with a loose stop that the installer will attach at the time of installation of the door unit.  We offer 2 types - primed finger jointed pine and our premium jambs that are made from solid wood.  All of our hardwood and pimed poplar jambs are premium flat jambs.  Premium jambs can be ordered in any width from 3" to 12"+.  Please call 866-855-9220 to order.

Split jambs are a double rabbeted jamb that has a male and female part.  These are used when the walls are uneven. 
Please call
866-855-9220 to order.

Split jamb kit for uneven walls - width 4 1/4" - 4 7/8"
Single door - Primed - $70     Stain Grade Pine - $85
Double doors - Primed - $80   Stain Grade Pine - $95